Monday, June 28, 2010

Check out these cuties!

This batch of cuties is finished and ready for adoption now! It took me a while to finish these because I had to sneak in time here and there to work on them but I think they were worth the wait, I love the way they turned out. Now I need to start on another batch of lovelies. It's so hard for me to decide what to start next should I make Fall dolls or everyday dolls? What do you think, are the dolls for fall like scarecrows, witches things like that more marketable or everyday dolls? I welcome your input on this question.

My Dad is doing ok he is weak. He was in the hospital a few weeks ago with pneumonia and a low blood count, VERY ill. He's been trying to regain his strength but it's going slow. His latest MRI after treatment showed no change in the tumor since before treatment. That was sad and ok at the same time since we were worried it was worse. So basically the treatment didn't reduce the size just slow it down. Still trying to just go day to day moment to moment and appreciate the little things.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pile of 10 new dollies!

I bet your wondering where I've been!  Very busy!  I'm working on 10 new dollies right now.  These are going to be super cute when they're done!  I've been trying to work on them a little each day while still keeping family my first priority right now. 
My Dad the sweetest guy ever and my hero finished up his radiation and chemo last week so we are now hoping for some good quality time where he feels good and can have some normal life and fun back even for a little while.  The doctors don't have a good idea of how much time he has.  He isn't scheduled to have an MRI until the end of June to check how things are going.  We are just taking it one day at a time one memory at a time.  My sister Cathy (she lives in Colorado) has been here helping for a while and she is leaving to go back home on Thursday.  She has been taking family leave to help out here, taking care of and spend quality time with our parents.  Wow family leave is nice but they sure make you jump through hoops to get it.  It will be a lot more difficult to manage when she leaves she's been wonderful.  Both of our parents require round the clock care.  She will hopefully be able to come back again soon! 
I'll post pictures of these dollies when they're finished.  Take care, hugs!