Sunday, April 26, 2009

Luke left this morning for his next fishing Tournement.

My son Luke Vierkant left this morning for his next BASS Open fishing tournament in Alabama at Wheeler Lake as a non boater. This is a map of what the lake looks like that he will be fishing.
It starts on Thursday April 30th and goes through May 2nd. He will be fishing for sure on Thursday and Friday but has to be in the top 10 non boaters to fish on Saturday. This is the web site that you can watch the live weigh in starting on Thursday afternoon.
Good luck Luke I hope you bring home the boat! Love you!

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Zoe as a puppy!

This is my favorite pictures of my Zoe when she was a puppy, a bundle of fluff. What a cutie!This is Zoe now she turned 6 years old in January. She is an Australian Shepherd. She's such a great dog, very intelligent and energetic and has such a wonderful personality. She is one of our family members, spoiled but with just the right amount of discipline added. She LOVES people and everyone that meets here falls in love with her, she is defiantly one of a kind. We just adore her!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Respect your Mother!

It's Earth Day today! My cousins son Eric designed this t-shirt I'm wearing in honor of Earth Day. In my family we try to do our part to help out Mother Earth, we recycle whenever we can, do our road cleanup, try to conserve energy by hanging clothes on the line, turn off the lights when we aren't in the room, reuse old items to make great new things, and many other things. We have brought up our kids to do the same. So if we all do our part we can make a difference.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Violets are blooming!

The Violets are blooming in my living room that is! I have always been scared of African Violets they seemed so hard to grow but when I figured out a little secret about them a few years ago well.... They grow wonderfully for me. Do you want to know the secret? It's so easy just make sure you always water them from the bottom NEVER water from the top they HATE that! They make special African Violet pots the pot the flower is in sits inside the water pot but you can use any pot and have a dish under it that you can put water in so it soaks in upward. I have some planted each way and they seem to do the same. They bloom all year long with hardly ever a break so it gives you cheerful flowers all year long, love that!
I am almost finished with 3 more really neat handbags so I'll post pictures soon of them. I better get to work now lots to do! Hope you having a good week!

Monday, April 20, 2009

It looks a little different!

This is what it looked like out my front window on March 31st, now look what it looks like today, it's spring! The grass is turning green and my tulips are up. Can you see the rain drops on the window? We have April showers today which will bring May flowers, YEAH! It was a long time a comin, but it's here!!! I got all of my flower gardens cleaned out last week, what a relief that was, raking isn't one of my favorite things to do. With the help of family members yesterday we got our spring road side clean up done too. Gordy and I have our names on signs on both ends of our road, it's about a 2 mile stretch, that we adopted the road for clean up. We usually only have to clean it up once in spring and once in the fall. Just a small thing we can do to do our part to keep our world clean.
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Signs of Spring!

Finally we have some signs of spring where I live! These little Pixy flowers are popping through the leaves. So cute! These are always the first flowers to come up in my garden telling me it's time to rake out the leaves in all of my flower gardens, I use leaves for mulch in my gardens to protect my perennials in the winter. The weather is gorgeous here, it will be in the high 60's and sunny here today. It's hard not to get spring fever! Too bad it isn't the weekend so everyone could be out enjoying this beautiful day. I'm gonna try to stop working an get out to enjoy part of the day outside. Happy tax day everyone!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Check out these roomy shoulder bags!

These are great roomy new shoulder bags that I finished up. At 10" wide by 14" tall they are a great size! I padded the shoulder strap for added comfort. They sit nicely too because I put a piece of plastic in the oval shaped bottom between the lining and the outside. They have one inside pocket. I love the trim on the flaps the 2nd and 3rd one I found this trim at an antique store it's so cute!
Spring is really here now it's supposed to be in the 60's all this week, YEAH!!! My tulips are even starting to poke out from under the leaves, that means it's probably time to rake. I'll have to do that soon!
Well I'm back to work, happy Tuesday!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New stuff listed on Etsy!

I listed some new stuff on Etsy today so hop on over there and take a peek Hope you all have a wonderful Easter! I will be enjoying our nice sunny weekend that's for sure it's gonna be in the high 50's to low 60's YIPPEE finally spring is here!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Birthday!

Gordy made me a YUMMY fudge chocolate birthday cake! I'm 52 years young as of yesterday. I had a very nice day, breakfast out then a little gambling at the casino then out to dinner with family. Hope your all having a great week too!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More purses finished!

These four cheerful looking beauties are now finished! They took me a while to make, so much detail in these! Can you see the quilting I did on them, I think on some of them you can pick it out. Just LOVE the way they turned out and such a great size. I made the handles so they are perfect to carry over your shoulder. They all have two pockets inside one for a cell phone. These may be the only ones I ever make like this, at least that's my thinking now, I'll probably forget how much work they were and make them again sometime, lol.
In case you were wondering I've decided to make only purses until the weather outside gets nice enough to hang the dollies outside on the line to dry after I coffee stain them. That's why the only pictures I've been posting lately have been of purses. By the time I get started making dollies again I'll be sick of purse making I think. Then I'll welcome the change. So don't worry my doll people I'll make lots of new dolls for you, he, he!
Still no spring weather here yet but it sounds like it's coming this week, warmer temps, YEAH! I ever saw a 60 in next weeks forecast!
Tomorrow is my Birthday so hopefully I will get to do something fun. Hope you're all having a great week so far!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Cheer!

I have some tulips blooming in my dining room! Since the tulips are a long way from blooming outside in my garden I needed to buy these beauties to brighten up my house. They're so bright and cheery sitting on my dining room table. Hopefully with all the moisture in the form of snow we've been getting here lately my tulips outside will bloom beautiful next month. There is more snow on the way this weekend in MN, not sure if it will make it up here or not, but looks like south of the cities will be getting a lot. Spring is really something this year all over the country, cool weather an snow later than usual. April is always a tease isn't it, we are all so ready for spring to come and sometimes it's nice and sometimes it's not!
Hope your having a great weekend!

Friday, April 3, 2009

New farm babies!

My father in law has some new farm babies so I thought I would share some pictures of a few of them. They're sooooo cute when they are calves aren't they.
I'm working on some really cute new purses right now, tons of work in them, lots of detail so it's been taking me a while. Hopefully I'll finish them up tomorrow so I can post some pictures of them.
We still have some of that white junk on the ground that we got this week but it's been melting good the last few days. It hasn't been very warm but still warm enough to melt snow I guess. At least today the sun was shining brightly that helps. Maybe 50's by the middle of next week, yeah just in time for my birthday.
I hope you all have some fun stuff planned for the weekend, have a good one!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ahh, Spring!

April Fools!
Just kidding! Mother Nature played a great April Fools day trick on us! This is what it looked like when I woke up this morning here in central MN. WHAT!!!! Nice trick, thanks Mother Nature! When will winter be over??? It really seems like it is dragging on forever! I guess the moisture will bring even nicer spring flowers though right! That's what I keep telling myself! Whatever works right!!! Hope you have a great day and don't get too many tricks played on you!