Monday, March 7, 2011

Some of our new calves born this week 2011

These are some of our new calves that were born in the last week 7 out of 21 have been born.  We had one that didn't make it, that was hard to take.  It was so cute, we tried for hrs to get it to come around but in the end it didn't work, poor little girl.  I hope all the rest are born without any troubles. 
I've been busy working on dolls lately and have listed a bunch of new spring/Easter items on my Etsy page  Hop on over there to take a look.  Charlotte rabbit is going to be on her way to her new home to Duluth Mn in the morning.  The three little Annies named Ella were inspired by my memories of when I was little the dresses my Mom used to make us and the bonnets we wore they were fun to make.
Have a great week everyone!