Monday, August 15, 2011

26 days left before my BIG art fair!

Wow, summer's  flying by at record speed it seems!  I know it's been forever since I've posted.  No excuses  just plain didn't feel like it, not sure why.
I have this bunch of cutie's done and ready for Little Falls arts festival.  They are a new design of my Kid's Safe Raggedy Ann dolls.  They can be washed and the clothes are removable.  They a sure to bring a smile to your face,  the doll on the far left is currently for sale on my Etsy page. 
I'm working on finishing up some fall things now scarecrows, and cute black cats.  I've also started a dozen other dolls with various themes.  Hopefully I will have a very productive next 26 days. 
By the way don't forget to come see my at Little Falls arts festival on Sept. 10th and 11th in Little Falls MN.  I'll have a bunch of new things this year!  Please say hi and let me know you read this!  Hoping for weather as nice as last year was that weekend too!