Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm offering free shipping on my Etsy page.

In honor of Easter and Mother's Day I'm offering free shipping on my Etsy page  Use coupon code spring2011 in the checkout.  These two cuties are listed on there right now!  Hop over and take a peek, I have tons of things on there right now.  Happy Easter everyone!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is the best Mom in the world's birthday!  It's my Mom's 76th birthday today.  This is my Mom and Dad with my sister Cathy on the right and me on the left.  I love this picture the way we look so secure with them holding us.  I hated picture taking, hence the look on my face.  My Mom said she would be sad today because my Dad isn't here for her birthday, he was for by her side for 56 years of birthdays so I can understand her saddness.  She says she doesn't want to celebrate but I told her it is a celebration since the day she was born was one of the best days for so many people that love her.  Mom please know how happy I am that you are here today and I will celebrate it with you!  I love you so very much, more than words could ever say.  You are my Mom and my friend, thank you for everything you've taught me and given me it all makes me who I am today.  I hope I make you proud.