Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New dolls added to my Etsy page

I've added these three new dolls to my Etsy page today.  I spent yesterday organizing and cleaning my craft room so I can start working in there again.   The first new things I'm going to work on are small zipper coin/makeup bags, I have nine started in really great color combos. 
My Dad's funeral service was beautiful last Saturday.  A special thanks to our cousin Ben for writing a wonderful, beautiful, touching tribute to my Dad.  I know life must go on for all that he left behind but it sure isn't easy.  There are so many things we miss not having him here our hearts have a forever hole in them.  My Mom is doing ok in spite of her deep deep saddness.  On Saturday October 23 it will be there 56th wedding anniversary. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sad day for our family.

My Dad passed away today peacefully with his loved ones by his side from his 8 month couragious battle with brain cancer. This is my Dad, the first man I loved. Thank you Dad for showing me what a real man is and what I wanted in a husband and father of my children and for always telling me that I'm beautiful. You are such a GREAT Dad and I will miss your picky kisses on my cheek!   Rest in peace sweet, sweet Dad!  There will be a forever hole in my heart with you gone.  I miss you already!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall is here

Beautiful fall weather here in central Minnesota.  Crisp cool air, bright blue skies and fall colors.  We've had frost here the last two mornings, brrrr.  I think the trees are even prettier this year it seems like in one week they turned just beautiful! 
Yesterday we celebrated my baby brother's 44th birthday.  On Tuesday we will celebrate my wonderful Dad's 77th birthday, that will be a day to take in and be thankful for indeed!  On Thursday we celebrate my sister's 51st birthday.  My sister from Colorado flew in late Friday night and will be here until Wed. to help with the celebrations.  It's great that she's here it's been so hard for here being so far away right now.
As you all may know my Dad has been suffering from brain cancer since the middle of Feb this year.  He is declining a little each day but is so brave, strong and cheerful most of the time, he's a REAL hero.  It is the hardest thing anyone could endure on all sides the person going through it and the family and friends that love the person.  Our family is staying strong and together and that is all you can ask for during this.  We are all still going day to day minute to minute grateful for all the time we have together.  So on Tuesday we will celebrate that our Dad is with us for one more birthday.  Happy 77th Birthday to the most wonderful Dad anyone could have, I love you SO much!