Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sad day for our family.

My Dad passed away today peacefully with his loved ones by his side from his 8 month couragious battle with brain cancer. This is my Dad, the first man I loved. Thank you Dad for showing me what a real man is and what I wanted in a husband and father of my children and for always telling me that I'm beautiful. You are such a GREAT Dad and I will miss your picky kisses on my cheek!   Rest in peace sweet, sweet Dad!  There will be a forever hole in my heart with you gone.  I miss you already!!!


Anonymous said...

I just got home from my show and saw your post. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad...saying prayers for you and your family as you go through this difficult time.

Dani said...

so deeply sorry also...cancer is a terrible dad passed with the same illness..God bless you and your family..

Tracy Suzanne said...

Dearest Deb, I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.

With warm hugs....Tracy

Cindy B said...

My dad passsed about 20 years ago, but those wonderful memories have always been there...our dads left us with a lifetime of love to remember them by.
My dee4pest sympathy for you tremendous loss.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your dad--
on one hand you know that he is no longer suffering from that dreaded cancer but on the other hand you know that you will always miss him.
Prayers for you and your family during this difficult time.
All peace,

The Paint Splash said...

I just found your blog while "surfing" Debbie I am so sorry to hear you lost your dad. My dad has been gone 17 years now. It just doesn't seem possible that it has been so long ago. I feel your loss. I LOVE your dolls. You are very talented. I pray your family will have many times of sharing wonderful memories of your dad. Blessings, Debbie