Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Cheer!

I have some tulips blooming in my dining room! Since the tulips are a long way from blooming outside in my garden I needed to buy these beauties to brighten up my house. They're so bright and cheery sitting on my dining room table. Hopefully with all the moisture in the form of snow we've been getting here lately my tulips outside will bloom beautiful next month. There is more snow on the way this weekend in MN, not sure if it will make it up here or not, but looks like south of the cities will be getting a lot. Spring is really something this year all over the country, cool weather an snow later than usual. April is always a tease isn't it, we are all so ready for spring to come and sometimes it's nice and sometimes it's not!
Hope your having a great weekend!

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Cathy said...

Hi Debbie! Those tulips are very pretty! We were supposed to get a foot of snow today, but it went a little north of us, luckily. Cheri in Wyoming is getting blasted though. Eric is in New Mexico and supposed to be having at least 60 mph winds! We have had some trees budding, but then we get more snow, wind and cold.
Those calves are so adorable! Beautiful colors! Wish I could come see them in person!
Have a great weekend and love you lots, Cathy xoxoxoxoxox