Friday, September 18, 2009

Jacqueline Annie

Jacqueline Annie was just sitting outside reading her little book in the sunshine today enjoying our beautiful summery weather! I'll be listing her on my Etsy page and I already listed a bunch of other things the last few days so please go check it out Etsy shop Jacqueline has the right idea don't ya think! I may need to do that myself! We are in store for a gorgeous weather this weekend too. It's in the 80's here, can you believe it! By next week it is supposed to turn fall like, be cool and rainy. So if you live in MN get out while you can and enjoy it.
I have a bunch of new ideas floating around in my head to start making now, I just have to get busy! I plan to make a bunch of winter/Christmas things to get ready for my next show in North Branch in November, since I haven't made any of that stuff yet.
Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

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Kelee said...

She is cute Deb!!!!

Deb please join ni he final big Pet Parade blog Party let me know asap... so we can include a live link....

we will show the touching video of the award to the fund...

love, kelee