Monday, October 12, 2009

What happened to Fall???!!!!!

This is the wintery scene out my back window this morning! I have NO idea what happened to Fall! The leaves just started turning colorful and then it started snowing. As you can see most of the leaves are still green on the trees. VERY strange weather! I was SO hoping we would have Indian Summer yet but now I'm not sure. The forecast for the week only shows temps in the low 40's for highs. This is gonna be a long winter!
My parents have a summer place here in MN and it usually closes the 15th of October but this year with the freezing temps they shut the water off last week so they are parked in our yard while they finish packing up and then head south for the winter. Lucky them going to warmer places! This is the first time it's snowed on them here in the Fall. It's nice having them right outside close to visit. I miss them terribly when they go south.
This is putting me in the mood thought to make winter/Christmas things. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I listed some cozy recycled wool hats and a pair of mittens in my Etsy shop yesterday in honor of the weather, check them out! Have a wonderful Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Snow!!! Oh my...but it does get me in the mood to start making goodies for my first Christmas show that is in 5 weeks.