Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I miss my Granddog Roxy!

This little sweetie is my Granddog Roxy!  My sister sent me this picture over the weekend.  Oh she's such a sweetheart!  I haven't been able to see her since August.   My daughter and son in law are coming home for Christmas but they can't bring Roxy since they're flying.  We are going to there house in March so that will be the next time I get to see her, boohoo.  She's a Pomeranian and a little cuddle bug, lover.  I miss you Roxy!!!
I am almost finished with two new pairs of felted wool mittens, my first batch this year so far.  It must be the very cold snowy weather here that inspired me, there's NO doubt about it winter is here!  I'll be listing them on my Etsy page probably tomorrow if your interested hop on over and take a look.  I have a ton of  stuff on my page right now.  Hugs!

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cynthia lee designs said...

Roxy is so cute!!
We just got our first snowfall tonight. We might get a little more tomorrow, but we might get some ice too...and that I could do without.