Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zoe has cabin fever too!

Zoe is just OVER winter, like the rest of us, right.  She's so bored and wants to run outside, go for long walks and play frisbee, but for now naps are good.  She also misses Luke who she totally adores, he went to Vegas to live with his sister for a few months, the weather is beautiful there 60's and sunny, lucky!   For Zoe's sake I sure hope spring isn't too far away.  I'm going to get a couple breaks away to warmer weather in the near future, YES I need warm sunshine!  This morning on the weather they said 6 wks from now sunset will be at 7pm here, yippee, that's not that far away right! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I know how Zoe feels...I have cabin fever too and am so over all this snow!! But I've heard that we are expecting another snow storm here in the middle of the hoping that they are wrong. Maybe it is time to head south!!