Monday, March 2, 2009

More progress on my craft room!

There's more progress on my craft room, yippee! It's coming along so nicely and it's starting to look like my dream work space. We worked on getting some of the counter tops set, more painting, putting lights and shelves up, and worked on some other misc things. We're supposed to get one of the counter tops today so then that can be put in tomorrow I hope. Now maybe I'll be able to get in there in a few days to start putting all of my supplies in their proper place. That will take some real thinking, where will be the most productive spot to store each item. I'm also going to decorate it up cute too, I'll make it fun to be in there working just wait an see, lol.
It's still super cold here but sunny today. The temps are supposed to warm into the low 40's the middle of the week so that will melt some of the new snow we have on the ground, YEAH! I so can't wait for spring flowers to pop up, I know that won't be for another month or so but it's getting closer I can dream! Also only a month till my parents come back from AZ too, YEAH, I can't wait!
Wow, I need to get busy working so I can have fun outside once the weather gets nice so byeeeeeeeee!

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Anonymous said...

Your room looks more wonderful with every picture you share!!
Now don't hate me(LOL)...but is going to be 60 degrees here by Friday. I'ld send it your way if I could.