Friday, January 8, 2010

Antique store goodies!

Look what I found!  Cute little goodies at an antique store in Omaha NE last weekend.  I'm going to put them with some cute dollies I'm gonna make.  I LOVE finding little treasures that are cute and unique like these.  It gives me inspiration to create!  I have started three Valentine dolls that will be holding vintage Valentine cards.  I'll post pictures of them when they're done then I'll put them in my Etsy shop. 
We are still in the deep freeze here in MN but 30 degree temps are in next weeks forecast so that is something to look forward to, it's going to feel like the tropics, lol, sad but true though. 
Stay warm and cozy, and have a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

Great finds!! Those antique toys are going to look so cute with your dolls. Can't wait to see them!

Take care and stay warm. I'm trying to...we now have about 12 inches of snow on the ground with temps being in the 20's this next week. Don't think that snow is going away anytime soon.

Kelee said...

I love these Deb--soooo cute --vintage xmas is the best.
I found a giant Santa from an old department store....

love, kelee