Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Zoe's 8 today!

Today is my Zoe's 8th birthday!  I found her a organic, healthy dog cookie that looked like a birthday cake.  She ate it so fast though I couldn't get a good picture of how cute it was. At least she loved it, yum, yum!  Most days she still acts like she's a puppy, I hope that she stays that way for a long time.  She is loved and pampered here by lots of people.  Happy Birthday Dear Zoe and PLEASE have many more!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Zoe!!

She is beautiful and I hope that she has many wonderful birthdays for many years to come.

Kelee said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Miss Zoe!

Please know my heart is committed to Miss Maggie, and yet...your eyes ...your eyes! I have a Golden Retriever friend who wants to meet you!

Oliver Wendell

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous girl! My Jocelyn and MerryBelle wish her the happiest of doggy birthdays! Also, they say their mom loves your work :-)