Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meet Valerie Valentine's Day Annie

Meet "Valerie" Valentine's Day Annie, 15" of cuteness.  I finished her today then put her in my Etsy shop, so go on over an check her out.  I have two more to finished up then I'll post pictures of them too.  I found out recently it's better to list one item a day rather than a bunch of items the same day, you get more lookers that way since they come up as fresh items/just listed.  I seem to learn something new every week about listing on Esty there are so many different parts to it, fun! 
I had to run to the post office today to mail out "Kids Safe Annie" with the pink dress to her new home.  It has finally warmed up a little here this week, which has brought foggy kinda dreary weather but at least it isn't so frigid it's in the 30's today.  I wish we could have sunshine and 30's though that would even be better.  I will be happy if the streets, sidewalks and driveways get melted off, they have been so treacherous, I even slipped in my driveway last week, scarey but I didn't get hurt.  One of the news guys interviewed a doctor in the cities that said this has been one of the worst years he can remember for slipping on the ice injuries. 
My 86 year old father in law is going to have open heart surgery sometime soon for aortic valve replacement.  Very scarey but necessary he has been going downhill fast and will continue without the surgery.  We are hoping he will have a fast and problem free recovery. 
Hope your week is going good!

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