Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life is a rollercoaster!

Life has been like riding on a rollercoaster for me and my family lately.  This picture was taken on Saturday, we took Mom and Dad out to there summer camp for the day.  They had such a nice day there it was a gorgeous day.  My niece Chandra took Grampa down by the river looking for rocks she could use for hot stone massage since she is a massage therapist.  One minute complete joy then deep sadness, laughing then crying.  Yesterday was my Mom's 75 birthday and my Dad's first chemo and radiation treatment for a brain tumor.  The day started out with a fun breakfast together, then 11 am cancer treatment for Dad then delicious birthday lunch, then shopping with Mom at her favorite store, then pizza party in the evening.  I think Mom had a good birthday.  We are just trying to find joy in everything we can and live moment to moment memory to memory.  I guess that's all you can do, stay positive and enjoy eachother. 
I'm hoping to slip a little time in each day for creating.  I working on some new dollies now and I purchased a bunch of supplies for great new things to start on. 
Remember to enjoy the little things since they are the BEST things in life!!!  Hugs!


Anonymous said...

My closest friend is on the rollercoaster too...her 30 year old son has been battling brain cancer for the last 8 months. She said the same thing that they are living day to day and moment to moment.
I'm glad that you are finding a little time each day to create. My friend said that she creates each day while her son is napping and that is has really helped her to have those times to work on something.
You are so right that the little things in life are the best!!
Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Kelee Katillac said...

Hi Debbie:

Oh honey. It is not what we want. At all. But, I do think the roller coaster analogy is right--in unexpected ways. In the middle of something really scary comes moments of exhilaration: a second of closeness we never had in normal times, a spiritual revelation, intimacy otherwise impossible when"health" separates us. It is like a heart stopping ride--that is somehow gratifying and rewarding.

I pray for that those good parts are many...

love, kelee