Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring beauty!

My tulips, phlox and hyacinth are blooming, yippee!  Everyday is just a little bit brigher and more colorful here in central MN .  I just LOVE spring flowers, green grassbright green leaves on the trees and even dandelions because it means summer will be right around the corner my favorite time of year!  Yesterday was such a nice warm day it was in the low 70's, today it's a little chilly and has a cold breeze but sunny. 
I'll be stuffing dollie parts today, it's not my favorite part of doll making but they won't get to be dollies without that part so that's what I'll be doin today stuffing my fingers to the bone, haha.  I am also finishing up some cute magnets too, something new, fun to make since I can get really creative the ideas are endless! 
Hope your all having a wonderful spring week, don't forget to take time to smell the flowers!

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Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful!! I usually have red tulips, but they are even coming up. We lived here 17 years and they have bloomed every wonder what has happen to them?
Stuffing dolls isn't my favorite part either!!