Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wow how the year flew by!

Wow, I can't believe how fast 2009 has gone by, it's already December 1st, WHAT!!!  It snuck up on me!  This picture is of some of the lights Gordy and I put up on Saturday afternoon in the shrubs in front of our house.  I just LOVE the way white lights twinkle in trees and shrubs!  We buy a real Christmas tree every year, mostly at a local farm that you cut your own.  Last year my son Brad got us one at the place he works, it was so pretty that we asked him to PLEASE get us another one this year.  We will wait a week or so before we get it though since it is a  real one we don't want to have it up for too long or it will dry out too much an be a fire hazard.  A lot of my family and friends have artifical trees but we still prefer the real ones, awe the smell, love it!  I read the other day in O magazine that it takes 20 years of using an artifical tree before it becomes a lower carbon footprint than a real tree.  What do you prefer real or artificial?
I'm working on making happy/sad Annie dolls right now.  They're gonna be so cute!  I am making one for a customer which was a special request so I thought I would make extra to sell on Etsy or my shows.  I'll post pictures of them when they're done. 
Hope you're all having a great and productive week!


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Deb. I know, I can't believe it's Dec 1st already. I know I'm getting older the days and years are passing so fast and yet it seems I get so much less accompished. LOL.

Thanks for sharing your Christmas joy!

Happy Holidays...Tracy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
The year has gone by fast!! Which is ok with me cuz that means that my new grandson will be born before we know it!! Just hope he doesn't decided to be born in Feb. during a winter storm!
Real tree or artificial tree? I actually like both...as a kid growing up, we always had a real tree...but DH & I have always had a artificial one.
Hope you are having a great week.
hugs, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb!

I like the real tree..... and so happy you are making dolls!

love, kelee