Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friendships are like quilts stitched together with love

This is a picture of part of my booth at last years Little Falls Craft Show in Little Falls MN. This year it is on Sept.6th and 7th my booth space is I-6 & I-7. Last year we made a whole new booth I just LOVE how it turned out! My brother helped my husband & I design and make the new booth and then he even made some of the artwork for sale too. He is a very talented guy with tons of creativity! I will be putting pictures of his art on here soon to show off.
Today was a busy day we hosted a family barbecue here at our house for family that live close and some that came from far away. It turned out really good, we had plenty of good food and lots of great company. Always wonderful to get together. It was a gorgeous day too not too hot and sunny all day, couldn't ask for better than that now could you. I am exhausted though so I'm off to bed. I have to get up early I'm taking some family members to the Mall of America! It seems when you live here the only time you go there is if someone from out of state visiting wants to go. I love going though so can't wait,yeah shopping one of my favorite things!

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