Saturday, June 21, 2008

I love summer!

I love summer and it is finally here, yeah! It has been such a cold dreary spring, hopefully we have a long beautiful summer. I watered my flowers this morning for the first time since it has been raining almost everyday I haven't needed to. So far this year no snakes in my flower gardens, the last 2 yrs they have been invaded with guarder snakes, YUCK, so scary!
These are some of the new purses I have made. The one in the back left is Dick and Jane, the one in the back right is western girl and the one in the front is cherries. I have one this style and LOVE it, there are two pockets in the inside and 2 on the outside and so roomy to fit all your necessities, the handles are the perfect length too. I Scotch guarded them and they can be washed when needed. So much fun picking out all the cute combinations of material.
Well back to work now.

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