Monday, June 30, 2008

Mall of America shopping trip

Wow, what a haul I made, I found so many cute things at the Mall of America today! It was a blast! I went today not planning on buying anything and found so many cute things that I needed, lol. It was a great day, so much fun. I LOVE American Outfitters, I found 3 adorable t-shirts there, so soft and cute. Monday is the perfect day to go, not a lot of traffic driving there and back and not a huge amount of people. My niece and my brother went with me and we all had a great day. The rides in the amusement park sure have changed they all look so scarey, eek! They knew what they were doing though to change it from Camp Snoopy to Nickelodian since that is what all the little ones are into now. Hopefully I will get something craft related done tomorrow but not sure dentist in the morning and then hopefully work. Take care.

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