Friday, June 20, 2008

Hi, everyone! Can you believe I have a blog!

Hi! This is my very first time blogging. I am a little out of place here don't quite know what to do but thought this would be a good way to get to know other artist's like myself and show my creations. I have been making crafts for about 15 yrs now. It is my passion! I love creating! I am known by some women as the Raggedy Ann lady. Some of my faithful customers have been buying a new Raggedy Ann doll from me each year, so I always have to have something new. It is so much fun getting to know all these differant women and making them smile with my new dolls. I also make a variety of differant cloth dolls for the seasons. My great husband is so supportive and helpful to me that he helps make some awesome stuff too like his famous pumpkins that he makes from slabs of wood then cuts out character with a chain saw paints them, they are all differant. They are addictive no one can just have one (like chips) people have been buying a new one or two every year to add to their collection. Last year I started making purses and fun stuff like that to sell. It is so much fun making them that I have a hard time going back to dolls so I have to only allow myself to make some then go back to the dollies.
Well enough for now this should be fun.


BirchBerry Farms said...

I am proud of you my dear friend---this will be a great thing for you---I will help you whenever you need it---just ask away---well---provided I know the answer---LOL Renee

Chelle-Belle said...

Wow, you finally moving into the technology world! Good for you mom! Your artwork is beautiful and inspiring - keep living your dream. Thanks for giving me the link for that pattern. I just realized I love Amy Butler!

Aloha woman said...

Aloha ma cousine,
What a fun way to communicate and show your stuff. I have to go back and look at your new purses as I think I saw a Hawaiian pattern one. Do you do backpacks? Do you do any of those healthy back bags yet? Glad you are in your element - enjoying summer. Keep up your good work. Warm aloha and lots of love to you and yours for health, happiness and prosperity. Mary Lu