Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby birds

See this Potentilla shrub in my front yard in the area where we sit to relax. Last week Zoe found a nest of Chipping Sparrow's in it. We had to get here away fast before she ate the baby birds. The nest was full of little tiny chicks so small with no feathers just last week.
Yesterday I went to check on them and to my surprise the were sitting on the branches of the shrub this big already. Can you see two chicks in this picture? I can't believe how fast they grew, they look almost full grown already! So cute!
This is the first one I saw just starring at me not afraid at all. SOOOOO sweet! I love this that the bird made a nest so close to where we sit and was not afraid. I hope they all make it! Zoe is not aloud to be out there in this spot until we are sure they have all flown away.
Nature is so wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

Deb-I had one little tiny one fly in the back door of The Katillac Shack and hang-out in the kitchen with Oliver and me for a while. He was abut 3" long and his little tail about 1" it stood straiht up like a little baton.

Thanks for sharing them!