Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some early summer blooms

These Iris's smell like grape Popsicle's, YUM!
This Iris smells like licorice.
These are some of the early summer flowers I have blooming in my gardens right now. The peak for my flower gardens is coming in the next few weeks so I'll post some more pictures later. For the last 8 years or so I've been working on getting my gardens to have all perennials in them. It seems you have to move and transplant often to find the best spot for each plant. Some like more sun others want more shade or they simply just don't thrive in the spot you first planted them. The first few weeks of July seems to be when my gardens are in their full glory, most of the plants are blooming. Every year I have problems with insects or diseases though and need to spray, some of my plants are more trouble than others and I am slowly getting rid of the problem ones. Spider mites have been a problem for the last couple years for my Coreopsis. I LOVE roses but they seem to always have bugs eating them so they need to be sprayed often. We've been getting frequent rain showers so I haven't had to water very much which is nice. It is so relaxing for me to weed and deadhead in my flower gardens and I love walking around my yard to see what's new that day! You all know I LOVE flowers!

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Anonymous said...

Deb--Aren't Iris' amazing and interesting in how they smell like candy--or popsicles? Some are more citrusey and other sooooosweet. They really are to savor by color because they are nuanced by the color!