Monday, June 29, 2009

Wildflower bouquet

The wildflowers in my backyard prairie are starting to bloom, Yeah! I walked through it this morning and was suprised to find a bunch of pretty flowers blooming. There are only a couple flowers in this bouquet that aren't prairie wildflowers, Galardia and Catmint they are from my other flower gardens. I found this cute vase that my bouquet is in at a junk shop in Iowa this weekend for just a couple bucks, I love the color of it. My flower gardens should be at their full peak in the next few weeks. It was a great day to fertilize my flower gardens today so I took advantage of it, it's cool and partly cloudy here a little breezy though. We had a streak of hot muggy weather last week so this is a nice break from that. I turned the AC off and opened the windows!
Gordy and I went to Iowa over the weekend for an aunt and uncle's 80th birthday party. It was great fun seeing all of the family. We stopped on our way home at all the little towns we passed by to see if there were any shops to visit but we could only find a few open on Sunday. That was disappointing but I did find a few goodies.
Well I better get back to making my dollies now. Have a super week!


Rue said...

Hi Deb :)

What beautiful flowers! I love wildflowers :)

Thank you so much for your kind words about Shiloh. It's been a tough week, but hopefully things will calm down soon.

Have a great 4th of july!!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers on this post and the last one!! Wish mine looked that good.
Have a great week and 4th of July.