Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beautiful Water Lily!

Hubby and I went fishing today and I had to get a picture of this beautiful Water Lily. There were a bunch of these blooming on the lake we went to. The weather was gorgeous today 80 was our high, bright sunshine light winds. We didn't catch very many fish since there was a junior Bass tournament on the lake we went to. We didn't know that it was going on there or we surely would not have picked that lake to go to. But oh well it was still so nice to just be in our boat today in the lovely weather. I may have to get this photo of this flower developed to frame it, thanks to brother in law Dean for the quick flower taking lesson the other day!
Yesterday our family threw a 87th birthday party for my father in law Ron. Great fun! Happy Birthday Ron!
Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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Anonymous said...

Great photo of the Water Lily! should have that picture framed!!
Your photo reminded me of when I was a teenager and we would go row boating on the lake...and sometimes we would get to close when going to look at the water lilies and get the boat hung up in them.
Have a great week.