Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eight new dollies finished!

These are eight new dollies that I finished yesterday for my sale at Little Falls in Sept. I love the way they all turned out. I have eight more started now of a different kind. Not sure why I'm stuck on the number eight, kinda weird that I choose that number of dolls to work on at a time. I need to stay on track now so I can get some crafts made. It's been VERY difficult this summer, we have so much going on here all the time. I won't get into the details but it's been hectic and so much fun but not too productive for me.

This is one of the things that's kept me from my work, fishing. I caught this Muskie it was 25", my biggest one so far but not too big for a Muskie so I know I'll break this record sometime. It sure was fun though! I caught it while Bass fishing on a artificial worm, I saw it bite not far from the boat so it put up a great fight. I released it safely after measuring it.
It finally rained hard here this morning, our first real rain for about three weeks, we needed it badly. My flowers an lawn are loving it!
Hope your all having a fun summer too! Now back to WORK!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love your eight dollies!!...they turned out soooooooo cute!!! Great catch on the fish! I'm putting the finishing touches on something for you and then your goodies will be on their way. I'm hoping to mail it out tomorrow.
hugs, Cindy