Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zoe LOVES to run!

Zoe LOVES to run! She would be so sad if she wasn't able to run free like she is in this top picture. When we take her out where she is able to just run as fast as she wants to with no restraints she is her happiest, she looks like she is smiling. She just runs and runs and runs! I feel bad for the dogs that aren't able to do this. I know some dogs don't enjoy it as much as she does though. I guess it's in her blood to run. All of the hard work has paid off with obedience training her, she is so well behaved and listens really well to come, stay and no so that is the only reason she is able to go with us and be unleashed. She is enjoying her summer, hope you all are too!

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Carmen C. said...

What a pretty girl! My german shepherd loves to run and smile too:)