Sunday, July 26, 2009

The power of lightening!

The top picture is of what this big beautiful oak tree used to look like until early Friday morning when lightening hit it. A 60 foot tree just twisted and split to pieces then burned out through the middle. There are pieces of the tree all around that went flying up to 190 feet away. This was at our farm out in the pasture, luckily none of our cows where around it at the time or they would not have survived. Just goes to show you how strong lightening really is. Please don't any of you EVER stand under a tree in a storm for shelter!
I had a great weekend. The whole family in the area was here tonight for spaghetti and meatballs. Gordy made zucchini cake too. It was yummy!


Anonymous said...


We had a tree do that a few years ago that was in the yard next to ours, right near the property line and not very far from the front of our house and our well. When the lightning strike the went through the tree and then down under the ground and run under own house. It took the pump to our well out and we had a power surge in the house, but we got lucky and there was no fire...except to the tree. Pretty scary!! So thankful that none of your cows were under that tree!!!


Rue said...

Hi Debbie :)

Holy Smokes! That's really amazing!! um yeah... I don't think I'll stand under trees during a storm LOL