Friday, December 12, 2008

Craft show season 2008 is over!

These are pictures from my craft show yesterday at St Cloud State University. It's a VERY small show, only about a dozen vendors. It was pretty slow but fun, good people watching and a short day, it only went from 10-4 and the entry fee was only $10. I brought a small display set up, not sure I liked it but it was easy and fast to set up and tear down and that's what I wanted so it worked good that way but was kinda cluttered looking and didn't show off my purses very well. It was a good way to end the season though. Now I have to start creating new things for next year's show season.
If anyone out there is interested I still have some wonderful gifts for people on your shopping list just email me and I'll send them out to you. Wouldn't it be GREAT if everyone bought at least 1 handmade gift this year for someone on their list even if it's not from me, as long as it's made in the USA. We could keep the $ here in the USA and help our economy!
Have a terrific weekend everybody OK!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I love how you displayed your dolls and the hats, etc.. in the shopping cart. Too Cute!!
It nice to know someone else is also thinking about what to make for the 2009 Craft Show Season. It's funny, but as I was decorating for mind kept wondering to thoughts of what I wanted to make for next year's shows.
Have a great weekend.