Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vintage shell button necklaces.

I've always loved vintage shell buttons so I found this unique way to show them off. I made these super cute necklaces out of them. I wear mine on a silver chain. I put these on brown or black leather string necklaces but they can be taken off and put on a silver chain if you would like. Cool stocking stuffers for only $18!
It was snowing here this morning, we have a trace on the ground right now and it is very cold out in the teens with single digit windchill, brrrrrrrrrr. The sun is shining now though so that always helps.
My brother and I started making more of the recycled wool mittens yesterday for our show next week so I'll post pics when they are done. I also am finishing up a new purse so I'll show that to you when it's done too. Have a fantastic day!