Thursday, January 8, 2009

New laptop bag!

I made this laptop bag for my daughter. I also made one for my son but it was not girly looking like this one, it's black. My daughter travels a lot for work so I thought this would come in handy for her. They turned out really good so now I think I'll make some to sell, it's kinda hard though because there are different size laptops, my son and my daughters were both different sizes. Not sure if it will work to make them or not.
My son Luke leaves soon to travel to Taveres Fla for his first BASS tournament of the year. Go Luke, win the bass boat! He's looking forward to getting away from this cold snow weather for some Florida sunshine.
Next week I'm going to Denver for a couple days to visit my daughter then to San Diego then drive to Yuma AZ to see my parents that are wintering there. I'm going with one of my brothers and two sisters. Hopefully we have sunny warm weather there. So excited!
Hope your all having a wonderful week!


R2K said...

Hi I like your blog, but I have to be honest... when a page automatically opens with a song playing, that can be a bit annoying. I mean you dont know what we are doing at the time, where we are, or what our volume level is. You know what I mean? : )

Jill said...

My son and I love the song! He signs "more" everytime I leave the page, and it is very cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
The laptop bag you made for your daughter is wonderful. I love the fabrics that you used. I have a cloth one and I love it. I think that they should sale really well. When I purchased mine it stated that the bag would fit up to a certain any smaller laptops would fit in there also. Maybe all you would have to do is make a couple different sizes that will fit various sizes of laptops.
Hope you have a wonderful trip. Can't wait to heard all about it when you get back.
Hugs, Cindy