Saturday, May 30, 2009

A little of what I've been busy with!

These pictures show a little of what I've been busy with lately. It's funny that we here in MN go through so much work to plant so many annuals when they only last around 4 months before we have a killing frost. I guess we need it to get through our long winters. I LOVE flowers and really enjoy gardening. It's so relaxing to dig in the dirt. This little cart that I put on my fronts steps was rescued from a dumpster (can you believe what people through away), Gordy (my hubby) put a fresh coat of paint on it and wallah it is perfect for a plant stand. I have more planting to do, more pots to fill and more sprucing up the yard. I've also been doing inside spring house cleaning and making my house look more cheerful for summer. More pictures next week of my progress.
As far as my crafting goes I have just finished up 4 awesome theme purses that I will share with you next week. I will be starting my dolly making this week too for all of you that are wondering when I will ever make dolls again.
Well I have LOTS to do so have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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