Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back from Tennessee.

This picture was taken at the Bass tournament at 6:30 am in the morning of the first day. It is unbelievable how organized it is. The boats all file into line according to the # they were given.
This is Luke on the first day in line with his Pro/boater. He didn't catch any fish that were big enough to weigh in on the first day.

This is Luke with his Pro/boater leaving in the morning and then weighing in later on the second day, he had 2 fish, 4-1 lbs. That wasn't enough for him to fish the 3rd day of the tournament, darn! Luke ended up #88 as a Co-angler out of 165

This is the Pro that Luke fished with on the second day, Terry Bolton with the biggest fish of the day it weighed 6 lbs 4 ozs, he won $1000 for it. It was awesome that Luke was in the boat with him and netted it for him. He really enjoyed fishing with him and learned a lot. Terry Bolton recently won a tournament with FLW for $75,000.

This is my nephew Eric Sheley going out on the first day with his Pro/boater. He didn't catch any fish big enough on the first day to weigh in.

This is Eric on the second day with his Pro/boater. He caught one fish on the second day that was big enough to weigh in.
This is Eric weighing in his fish it weighed 1-15. It wasn't enough for him to fish the 3rd day. He was #123 out of 165 co-anglers.

What a GREAT experience it all was! We all had a wonderful time! Paris Landing State park in Tennessee (that's where the tournament was) was really a beautiful place. We stayed in the park at the Park Inn, no complaints at all about that place it was GREAT! This is the website I highly recommend it if you are in the area.
We also had awesome quality family time. My sister and I had fun exploring the area together.
I'll post more pics of the trip this week.

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