Thursday, September 11, 2008

One of the signs I made for my show

This is one of the signs that I made for the Little Falls show. I LOVE this saying. It was SO hard because I hand paint my signs, I don't use a stencil to do them. It was so hard to figure out how big the letters should be and how to fit it all on so there was the same amount of room left on both ends. I know I am doing it the hard way but it sure turned out nice. I sold it to a lady that was thrilled with it, she said she looked all over that day for the perfect sign and she found this one, she really appreciated the fact that it was hand done. I don't know if I'll be doing any more of these in the future I will have to forget how yucky it was to do first.
It's raining here today and cool, hard to get motivated to change out of my pjs. I need to get busy though my Mom and Dad are coming over this evening, YEAH! I haven't seen them for about a week and miss their hugs, need a fix. I'm such a baby, lol. Bye for now have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Great sign!! I used to make signs years ago but I stenciled them. I know what you mean about not being in the mood to buy something at your shows, that's what I did last year. I did 4 shows and didn't purchase one thing for myself. I think it was a first for me as I usually do get some goodies for me.
I've been busy painting some little wooden pieces to make into pins and potpourri confetti.(mini prim pieces to go on top of potpourri around a candle) I hope to post some photos in a few days.
Take care,