Sunday, September 14, 2008

A dreary weekend here in central MN.

This picture is what the weather in Central MN has been like here, dreary all weekend. I am so glad it wasn't like this last weekend, we lucked out and made it through again with nice weather. If the weather would have been like it is this weekend I can't even imagine how bad the show would have been. Today we are only supposed to have a high of 53 with cloudy and rainy skies, YUCK. The rest of week looks good though sunny and warmer in the 70's. I shouldn't complain though, I feel SO bad for the people in Texas with Ike's wrath. I hope the hurricanes are done now for 2008, what a bad stretch it's been, with one after another hitting.
I guess it's a great day to stay inside and sew so I better get busy now right, lol. Hope you are all having a GREAT weekend and it's sunny where you are!

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BirchBerry Farms said...

Yep----tell me about it---dreary up at the cabin too---BUT you know your friend Renee---she never met a Martini she didn't like---or a Vodka Tonic---soooooo it made playing our annual bean bag tourney in the rain that much easier----I was a puddle in every sense of the word!!! HeeheeheeLOL