Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yeah, I'm having a web site designed.

I'm finally going to have a web site! I'm SO excited! I met with the gal that's going to design it yesterday to talk about what I would like it to look like. I can't wait to see what she comes up with. She is supposed to be sending me a draft in the next few days to look over. I'm hoping it will be what I need for my business to expand. I've been wanting a web site for a couple of years now so finally I'm going to bite the bullet. This is the gals site that is doing it for me. She's so nice, your should check it out.

I haven't been getting much done this week as far as my crafts go. I've been getting new supplies and organizing projects. I need to get something done this week though since I will be gone all next week with my youngest son Luke, to Tennessee. He will be in his first professional Bass tournament. It's been his dream since he was little to do this so we told him, now is the time you need to pursue it while you can. I sure hope he does well! My sister and her son (my nephew) from Colorado are meeting us there, my sisters son Eric is already a pro Bass fishermen so my son and him will both be in the tourney competing against each other.
The weather is gorgeous this morning bright blue sky and sunshine, just the way I love it!


Kim Langston said...

I am just starting to get back to sewing dolls and I am considering a local show in December. How many dolls do you usually take to a show for sale? I know I don't have that much turnaround time for this show and wanted some advice on how many dolls I should set for a goal. From the pictures of your booth, I believe you sell more than dolls... my goal is for dolls and ornies/bowl fillers only right now. Any advice? I do have twelve weeks to prep and my goal is around 20-25 dolls plus maybe as many ornies/bowl fillers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
We got our power back last night at 12:07am. I'm soo....happy that I get to sew today. My first show is 2 weeks from Sunday and I sure hope that I can get a lot of stuff done. I'm worried about not have enough items to fill my booth and wondering if we will even have a good crowd that will come to the show.
There is still hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses without power in this part of Ohio. We heard that some cities south of us might not have all their power up for another week or two. I have never in my lifetime seen this much damage in this part of Ohio.
Have a wonderful time in Tenn. and I'll talk to you again soon.