Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sneak peak at the progress!

This is a sneak peak at the progress in my craft room! There's lots of work to do yet but it's getting there slow but sure. What do you think of the color? I LOVE it! Nice and bright in there now and cheerful. The top picture shows the side of the room that my cutting counter will be, I'll have lots of drawers for storage, yippee. The counter here will be 36" wide and high enough to stand and work. I prefer to stand while I work, or I can sit on a stool if I want. The second picture shows the side that my sewing machine will be on. The counter had to be cut to make a box lower than the counter for my sewing machine to sit in. Won't this just be awesome, I'll have 6 drawers for storage here. My old sewing table was so small it was hard to sew in production mode I had no place to line things up, this counter should work perfect for that. Wait till you see how cute it will be when it is done!
Have a great hump day!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
Love the sneak peek of your room...such a pretty color! All that drawer space will be soo... wonderful! It's going to be a dream room when it is done.
It is starting to feel like Spring here in is about 50 today and is to be like that for about the next 3 days. I can see today where my Spring flowers are just starting to peek up through the ground.
Actually my birthday isn't until March 29th, but I'm starting my birthday giveaway on the 1st. Not sure what my birthday plans are yet, but if my little granddaughter has her way...she wants black balloons, black cake, etc...and I think that maybe her Mommy told her how I was going to be 50 and that meant that I was old and over the hill. LOL... So I'm not sure if they are up to something or not, but they better remember that paybacks are sweet!! LOL...