Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Monday!

Good morning everyone, Happy Monday! I had such a nice weekend. My husband Gordy and I went to Dubuque Iowa for a birthday party for his aunt who turned 80 years young. If you've never have been to Dubuque Iowa your missing out on a beautiful place, it sits way up on a bluff on the Mississippi river. There are so many beautiful old houses and scenic views it is amazing. Gordy's cousins took us on a whirlwind tour of the best scenic views and parks around Dubuque. They were wonderful hosts and we sure enjoyed our time with them.
This picture today is of one of my brother Al's collages, it's called Sweeping Beauty. It's made from and old dustpan and has, old crystals, postcards, newspaper clippings, and old picture, and rhinestones on it. He is so creative to think of putting these things together to make a wonderful piece to hang on the wall.
I have tons of stuff to do today so I best get busy!

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