Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I finished some sunglass cases.

These are the new sunglass cases I made yesterday, I made a bunch of them. They're washable and padded nice, so great for sunglasses. I made myself one a while ago and LOVE it and have gotten lots of compliments so I thought it would be something nice to make for my craft shows. Still working on some new bags too, but got a little sidetracked today so no telling how long they will take for me to finish, lol. Well gotta go grill so talk at you later....

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anniescupboards said...

Hey Deb! Oh isnt pricing JUST SO HARD. You want to make some money but you dont wanna just give it away. hehe I am going to sell my box zipper bags for $5.00.

I think your sunglass cases are nice. VERY NICE. They are perfect design too. 8.00 is a good price. I have been debating my cell phone/camera cozy because those are a PEST to make and take some time but are too cute in the outcome. I was thinking $10.00.

When is your craft show? Mine is Oct. 4th.