Sunday, July 6, 2008

I tried something new today!

Didn't these turn out cute! Today I made 3 bracelets and a ring. I have lots of cool buttons so I thought I would try making something cute out of them. I'll make a few more tomorrow for my craft shows. Time consuming picking out buttons that look good together.
Well summer is finally here, it was a hot and steamy one today and sounds like it will be for the next few days. Hopefully we will get a little rain tomorrow we haven't had any for a while here. All the plants and trees are loving the heat, growing like crazy. Hope you have a great Monday!

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anniescupboards said...

Oh Girl I would love to Trade links with you. Thanks for coming by my blog.
I adore these bracelts. Oh my. Can I make some with you? Oh my I cant wait to check out the rst of your blog. You have some awesome creations. I LOVE looking at your booth pic. Oh oh I would be first in line to shop. XOXO