Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'll be away for a few days!

These flowers are some of my favorites I have in a planter, Lantana. I just LOVE the colors they come in. In Australia I guess they are a bad weed, can you believe that!
We finally did good fishing tonight we caught our 6 fish to measure in. Tonight the bonus fish was Sunfish and we were able to catch 6 that were long enough, they have to be at least 7 inches for one point and because Sunfish were the bonus fish tonight we got 12 pts. We are still in 4th place but at least we didn't go to last place and are closer to 3rd now. It was fun and beautiful out on the lake. We are supposed to get storms tonight so hopefully they won't be severe.
I didn't get any crafting done today, too many other things to do like take my car in for an oil change and get organized for the weekend. Hopefully I will be more productive next week. I'll be away so I won't post again until Sun. night. Have a GREAT weekend!

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