Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I finished this doll today for a special order.

I finished this special order today. She is a 22" flower girl, isn't she adorable! She even has her hair in a bun in the back. Hopefully my customer LOVES her, I sure do. I also worked on other dolls too. I got a lot accomplished today it feels so good! I haven't had too many days lately that I feel like I was productive, it's so hard to work at home it seems there are constant interruptions. I am always doing 10 things at once and keep getting sidetracked from my projects. I need to get more focused, maybe someday I will.

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BirchBerry Farms said...

AHHHH Deb---she is darling!!!! I can't believe you do special orders----too time consuming for me and then on top of it---what if they are not satisfied---you have a ton of patience---me---I am afraid to report---not so much!

We almost took a scoot up to see you guys yesterday evening---on the bike---then we realized that Ali was at the beach with her friends still, so we didn't venture far---next time!
Later Sweet Tart---looking forward to Little Falls!!!