Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I finished up a bunch of glasses cases

I made a bunch more glasses cases since they were such a big hit at my last show. I am selling them for $8 each. I made them in a bunch of fun colorful material, some of them have Flamingo's on them, so cute. They are great gifts for people on your Christmas list don't you think, hehe. They can be machine washed and line dried. I have one in my purse and LOVE it for my sunglasses. Let me know if you want to buy some.
My brother and I are going out to my Mom and Dad's today to help them pack up their motor home so they can head south for the winter, lucky them! I am gonna miss them terribly! I sure wish I could go south before winter hits, as most of you know I HATE winter! I am going to enjoy the nice day today though it is supposed to be sunny and high 60's. Bye now.

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