Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm here!

Hi, everyone! I'm still here, sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've been busy trying to get back on track. I am making some purses, one of them is for an order from Little Falls, I am so appreciative for the sweet woman's patience that is waiting for it. I've also been making more recycled wool mittens and hat sets. I will post pictures of them on here soon. They were a huge hit last year, they're so warm and cozy and really cute too. We will all need them soon, it's really cold here this morning, I think it froze last night, brrrrrrrrrr. I covered my tomatoe and zuccinni plants last night, I hate the thought of not being able to go out to the garden for fresh veggies. I didn't bother covering my flower plants, I decided to just let them go, sad huh. I am NEVER ready for cold weather to come but this year it seems way to fast! It is supposed to be beautiful today and part of tomorrow then gloomy cool and rainy for a few days so hopefully I'll get to enjoy some of the nice weather this weekend, hope you all have a fun and safe weekend.

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