Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little party purses.

I got these two little party purses finished up today and I'm working on three more, they're all a little different. They are so much cuter in person! I made myself one like this last year for dress up and love it so I thought I would make some to sell. They all have pretty silk lining in them and the outsides are decorated with lots of cool trims. They're so light and easy to carry and they are just the right size for necessities for a night out, I even put a cell phone pocket in each one.
My husband started up our wood stove tonight to get the chill off. Can you believe it is that time already! It's supposed to be cool, and rainy until the weekend now here. I guess it's a good time to stay inside and work on my crafts right!

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Anonymous said...

What cute little purses these are!! When is your next show? I've been working on some stuff for my upcoming Christmas shows. The first one is on Nov.7th & 8th and then the big one on Thanksgiving weekend.
Happy Crafting!