Thursday, November 6, 2008

I got roses from my sweetie!

Aren't these roses pretty! My husband brought me roses the other day for no special reason other than he love me. Well the rotary club sells them once a year at his school, but still how sweet! They are all different colors my favorite kind, it's way to hard to choose which color I like best so I like the mixed colors.
Working at the polls as an election judge went great the other night. We had 90 something percent turnout, amazing. We were there until after midnight finishing up so it was a long day. We may end up having to do a recount since the senate race was so close they are calling for a recount. I wonder if I will get called to work?
It's a dreary rainy day here today so I guess it's a good day to get busy working on my dolls. I have them done to the point of there faces and hair. So I better get that done so they come alive,lol. I have been side tracked for a few days so now I best get back to work.

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BirchBerry Farms said...

Holy Cow Deb---what are you sprinklin' on his Oatmeal in the mornin---do tell!!! LOL----anywhooooo---sorry I have been a little pre-occupied as of late----there is always so much to do and no time to do it in this time of year----and the added extra stuff around me NEVER helps----I am looking forward to the year at NB too---I got moved ya know---I hope it is gonna work out for me----YIKES! I hope that Ali and Renee come too---it's be nice to see all of you!