Sunday, November 23, 2008

Show success!

Thank you to all the GREAT ladies that came to the North Branch craft show for making it a big success! What fun it was to see all of my returning customers, and meet the new customers. Such nice ladies! It was so neat to hear all of the compliments and appreciation. That's what I work so hard for, and of course because it is my passion! The space there is really small it is only 10 x 6, YICKS. That is way smaller than any other space we set up in so it is a challenge to display things to look good. I was happy with the way it looked though. My new display (the turquoise painted doors) made everything so much brighter looking. One of the show organizers asked me if I would like a bigger space next year, double the size. She told me if I did want a bigger space they would give it to me next year, I think I will take her up on that. It would make it a lot easier to set up. Stupid me knew I was forgetting something, couldn't think of what it was, it was my camera, oh NO. Crappy blogger right!
The biggest hits of the day were my dollies, and the recycled wool mittens to name a few things. My purses didn't sell well there, not sure why because so many ladies were looking at them. Last year purses didn't sell good there either though so I don't feel so bad. Now I have lots of wonderful choices for my show at St Cloud State University on Dec. 11th in the Atwood building so PLEASE come see me there if you are looking for a super cute purse!
Have a terrific Sunday everyone!


The Smiling Goat said...

Hey Deb! thanks for stopping by! I found pics of your lovely Zoe! She is beautiful! She could pass for one of Gunner's siblings! Yes, they are VERY intelligent! Mine likes to herd my daughter's pony even when he is standing still! Crazy dog! I just LOVE all of your purses! Do you sell on E-bay or Etsy? Didn't see a link on your Blog for those.I'm going to add your blog to mine!Have a great Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I'm so glad that you had a good show. Isn't it funny how some items sell really well at one show, but maybe not so well at the next one. I just knew your dollies would do they were so cute! Hope you have a great show in December.
My last show of this year will be here before I know it. I have a few things to finish up in the next two days, but that will be it with Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

anniescupboards said...

Oh I am a BIG hudge SMiling Goat fan here!!

Debbie congrats to your show sucess! XOXOXO