Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Three more dollies done!

I finished up three more dollies yesterday. This is "Tori Annie" she is 14" tall. I used material for their dresses that has cherries on it on the two outside dolls and strawberries and cherries on the one in the middle. I'm almost done with 9 other style dolls I just have their hair to put on they're bald right now, yikes. Can you stand more doll pics tomorrow???
OMG, it's snowing out right now, really hard and it is sticking to the ground so it's getting white! I am NOT ready for this! WINTER IS HERE!!! Mom and Dad you are SO lucky!
Have a wonderful Veterans Day!

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Anonymous said...

I just love all your dollies!! You did such an awesome job on them. Bet the ladies have a hard time choosing...cause they are all so cute. Hope you sell out of them at your show!
Can't wait to see the purse you made.